Tank Royale

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Fight to survive in this action packed battle royale, with 50 TANKS on a huge battleground! Designed specifically for mobile; Tank Royale is an action packed, fun game for everyone to enjoy.

As you play, you’ll unlock new tanks, upgrade your existing tanks and work your way up on our global leader board. Can you dominate the battleground and join the ranks of the Elite?

Every tank you unlock is unique. It’s not just a visual change, so you can use different strategies for each tank to work out the best way for you to dominate the battleground and achieve VICTORY!

As Tank Royale was designed for mobile and tablets, the controls are super simple to learn, so you can jump straight into the action! Just make sure to stay inside the Circle, and don’t miss any of the powerful pickups around the battleground!


- Fast-paced, Action Packed BATTLE ROYALE game play, with 50 tanks in each game
Play against other players near you on our global leader board to prove that you’re the best!

- Heaps of new tanks to try, that aren’t just COSMETIC! Each tank has unique battle characteristics. Which tank will best suit your style of play?

- A MASSIVE battleground to explore with POWERFUL pickups and even HIDDEN AREAS to find!

- A friendly, Australian Indie Developer Team that WANTS YOUR FEEDBACK so we can make this the best Battle Royale on mobile ever!

It’s time to take to the Battleground… GOOD LUCK! #TankRoyale